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Things to Do

The area is famous for many fun things to do near the villa whether you like a cultural holiday or an adventurous holiday.  Hope you try them! 

Rome City Center (Termini Metro Station) is about 40kms away. It can be daunting driving through Rome. So most of our guests park their car at the nearest metro station which is about 16kms away and use transit to travel into the city.

Parco della Merla Adventure park is literally a 15 min drive from the villa.

Wine and Food tour at Frascati, Frascati is about 30 mins drive. It is especially beautiful for a romantic evening dinner and a stroll through the town center.

A day trip to Tivoli. You can cover Villa d'Este (grand house in exotic hillside gardens), Hadrian's villa ( also known as Villa Adriana ruins of 2nd century roman villa), Villa Gregoriana, Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, Temple of the Sybil and so many more little places to visit to fill your day.

Rainbow Magicland Theme Park. Amusement park located 30kms from the villa with a variety of rides for young and old, adventurous and timid ;)

Valmontone Outlet Mall. Famous outlet shopping mall about 30kms from the villa (near Rainbow Magicland theme park). We have not visited the mall but we have heard great reviews if you are in the mood to shop

Hiking trails. There are varying difficulty levels of hiking trails. From easy ones such as 5km loop at Monte Guadagnolo to challenging ones such as the 27km loop at Santuario della Monterella

Visit the many villages, some that date back to the 13th century,  such as Artena, Gordanolo, Castel San Pietro 

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